So we had BARNUM – the musical.
HAMILTON – the musical
why not
YOUR NAME – the musical?

So how did it all start?
Well all because of my dad – Gerry.

The idea to start the company came about 30 years ago.
It was his 60th birthday and I thought what could I give him – I’d just started writing musicals so – I put together GERRY – the musical!

My brother, sister and I performed it, recounting his busy and eventful life using music and songs that were memorable and special to him.

It was a huge success (of course, everyone there loved and knew him, plus some were mentioned in the musical) and he often talked about it in the following years as being one of the best nights of his life.

Why? Because he was for a night – the ‘star attraction’
and his life was celebrated in a unique way.
No one else had what he had his life was unique and it became a musical.

It feels like the right time to start this enterprise
and a chance to bring this type of experience to more people.
Using my skills as a writer and director to make someone’s day
as memorable as my dads was.

Look forward to meeting you!


All of the following packages will be delivered online until current restrictions change.
Clients will be remotely guided through every aspect of the process culminating in a timeless record of finished result!

We offer a variety of packages – all can be adapted or scaled up to suit the requirements or occasion.

You can be provided with performers to deliver the songs
or we can rehearse and coach you through the right up to the big day.

It’s as big or small as you want it to be.


A specially recorded Facetime/Zoom call that seems like a normal video call but becomes a heartfelt musical tribute to a much loved friend or beloved relative! Make someones day! (£300-£500)

The tour de force!

A specially rewritten favourite song to reflect a life of achievements with a satirical twist or an emotional look back. (£300-£500)

The double act!

A duet or arrangement of different songs, a mash up of the songs that mean the most.
A whistle stop tour of a life well lived full of banter, emotion and surprises.

The Mini Musical!

The highlights of a life together and what lies ahead, involving numerous beloved songs.
Full of laughs, emotion and a small cast of ‘characters’. (£1500-£3000)

The Musical!

Fully staged, choreographed and rehearsed. Imagine an ‘impromptu’ flash mob style show.
Best man starts, the maid of honour joins, father of the bride, bridesmaids etc (£POA)

The Mega Musical!

Your life (or loved one’s life) as an original musical. Fully staged and choreographed and written by an established writing team Can be delivered by your family or a cast of professional actors.

All prices vary – dependant on the performance options
and amount of rehearsal required.

Contact us now for a no obligation chat
to see how we could create something special for you.


The surprise guest star!

Your idol or favourite group turn up and perform just for you.

Celebrity sing off!

Why not have a famous person sing your song,
or even ‘interact’ with you via a screen.
(The ultimate random facetime call – all preplanned and rehearsed)

Celebrity duet

Sing your favourite song with your idol?
If you saw Elaine Paige singing ‘I know him so well’
with space for anyone to sing with her?
Why not let this be you?

The Musical - Junior Edition

The ultimate birthday gift for your child – a musical starring them!

Please ask for details.



Fill in your details via the contact. We’ll contact you to arrange a meeting to find out more details of your event.


After discussing songs, anecdotes and possible creative options. We’ll then come back to you to pitch some proposed ideas.


If you then want to go ahead, you agree on the approach and timescale for delivery.


Finished product delivered and rehearsals (if applicable) arranged and carried out.


The World Premiere performance takes place. Good luck!

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