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We offer a variety of packages – all can be adapted or scaled up to suit the requirements or occasion.

You can be provided with performers to deliver the songs or we can rehearse and coach you through the right up to the big day. 

It’s as big or small as you want it to be.

The tour de force

A specially rewritten favourite song. Perhaps a list of satirical achievements and life events or an emotional look back.

The double act

Slightly more complex, arrangement of different songs, perhaps some dialogue and jokes thrown in.

The Mini Musical

The highlights of a life together involving various songs & a small cast of characters. (£1500-£3000)

All prices vary – dependant on the performance options and amount of rehearsal required.


The surprise guest star!

Your idol or favourite group turn up and perform for you.

Celebrity sing off!

Why not have a famous person sing your song, or even ‘interact’ with you via a screen (set up like a facetime/zoom call – all preplanned and rehearsed)

Celebrity duet!

Ever wanted to sing a duet with your idol? If you saw Elaine Paige singing ‘I know him so well’ with space for anyone to sing with her on youtube? This could be you!

The Musical - Junior Edition!

The ultimate birthday gift for your child. Performed for them or even starring them!

Please ask for details.

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